Sarah Gillard
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First and foremost my love of 'colour' is the catalyst and sole purpose of my work. Adrenalin runs high once I've made the connection between the subject and the composition. My preferred medium is gouache which lends itself to the immediacy of my technique which is bold and spontaneous. I generally lean towards a bright, clean palette and prepare a background before painting directly onto the paper. I would describe my  paintings as figurative and semi abstract, with a graphic style. I can't emphasise enough, the importance for me of working outdoors which enables me to capture the true essence and colour. I draw my inspiration from flowers, nature and whatever ignites a joy within me. I may stand for several hours in one sitting in order to complete a painting. 

Travel and adventure has enriched my life as an artist and given me the opportunity to explore new themes and ideas. On a trip to a Greek island last year I was rewarded by the discovery of a donkey in a field of wildflowers, simply magical.

Sarah Gillard