Sarah Gillard Contemporary artist
Contemporary artist

Sarah Gillard contemporary artist

Sarah Gillard is a contemporary artist with a vivid sense of colour. She is also an art workshop facilitator, teaching children and adults the techniques of colour mixing and painting to music.

Currently based in Gloucestershire, her vibrant paintings have been exhibited across the country, sold to private collectors and reproduced for the public on greeting cards, posters, calendars and limited edition prints.

Sarah’s quest for inspiration has led her across Europe, to Spain, Greece, Italy, France, Croatia and beyond to produce landscapes and bold abstract paintings.

It’s easy to understate Sarah Gillard’s passion for colour. She is constantly amazed by its ability to excite, surprise and captivate. A quick glance inside one of her sketchbooks reveals that this passion manifests itself across all her work, with stunningly beautiful results.


Sarah Gillard 2011

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